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08:30 — Registration +  Coffee/Tea

09:00 — Opening

09:10 — Keynote Session: Go Mobile, Stay in Control: Enterprise Mobility + Security

​Jeff Alexander, Microsoft
We live in a mobile first cloud first world and we need to embrace it.  In this session Jeff Alexander will talk about how Microsoft is enabling customers to embrace mobility but still meet regulatory requirements, security and IT requirements.  He’ll talk about Enterprise Mobility +Security and how it can help embrace mobile in your organization while still maintain control.

10:00 — Morning  Tea

10:20 — Keynote Session: IaaS x PaaS : Deploying an App and a SQL Server

Alessandro Cardoso, MVP
If you have been holding off on leveraging PaaS services, now is the time to revisit that decision. The modern cloud era is not IaaS-centric but modern app-centric.
The latest Total Economic Impact Study by Forrester Consulting shows that migrating to PaaS from IaaS result in a 466% return on investment. For customers migrating from on-premises environments to PaaS, the return on investment can be even greater. Time to market also improved by as much as fifty percent, because of the efficiency and speed of deploying applications with PaaS services.
Are you interested in learn how you can drive application innovation and reduce costs by using Microsoft Azure? Then this session is for you!

11:10 — Interval (5 Minutes)

11:15 - ROOM A

Nano Server:  Minimize reboots and improve security with next-gen server deployment

​Jeff Alexander, Microsoft

With Windows Server 2016 we are drastically changing the footprint with a new install option called Nano Server.  In this session, Jeff Alexander will go through what Nano Server is how we got to this point and how you go about using it in your environment.  Get ready for an action packed session with lots of demos!
11:15 - ROOM B

Introducing Microsoft PowerApps

Bill Chesnut, MVP

Microsoft MVP and Cloud Evangelist Bill Chesnut will be discussing and demonstrating how Microsoft PowerApps enable people to generate applications that run on mobile devices that connect to resources in both Microsoft Azure, as well as other SaaS providers including SharePoint, Office365, Salesforce, DropBox, and many more. Bill will discuss how PowerApps work and demonstrates creating a PowerApp.
11:15 - ROOM C

.Net Core
Jordan Knight, Microsoft

ASP.NET Core is a lean and composable framework for building web and cloud based applications.  In this session we will investigate what powerful new cloud scenarios are unlocked when you pair ASP.NET Core with new features in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and the next generation of developer productivity tooling and dev-ops from Microsoft.

If you're interested in cross platform capabilities (including Linux and Mac) and want to see what the future holds in this mobile-first, cloud-first world then this talk is for you.

Tags: Microsoft, Azure, ASP.NET Core, .NET Core, Visual Studio, Dev-Ops, Linux, OSX, Docker, Cross Platform.​  

12:10 — Lunch

13:00 — Keynote Session: Containers Anywhere with OpenShift by Red Hat 

Stefano Picozzi, RedHat
OpenShift is Red Hat's platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that allows developers to quickly develop, host, and manage Docker container based applications. OpenShift enables a uniform and standardized approach to container management across all hosting options including Azure, AWS and other private/public and on/off-premise variants.

Learn how our enterprise clients are using OpenShift to enable their digital transformation initiatives. Examples include realizing a hybrid cloud strategy to simplify and reduce the risk of migrating and transitioning application workloads to containers in the cloud

13:50 — Interval (5 Minutes)

13:55 - ROOM B

Business Case for Upgrading to SQL Server 2016
Victor Isakov, MVP

Without a doubt SQL Server 2016 will be an unprecedented release in SQL Server's history. It will easily eclipse all prior versions that have been released in scope of features, technology and breadth of vision.
No wonder Gartner has positioned Microsoft as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems. More importantly, Microsoft is placed furthest in vision and highest for ability to execute within the Leaders Quadrant.
In this session we will examine SQL Server 2016 and have a look at what's new in the Database Engine, Analysis Services, Reporting Services and Integration Services. We will highlight the "big ticket" items and discuss the business cases for using these technology and features.
We will also examine Microsoft's Data Platform vision going forward and the benefits of aligning your organisations tactics and strategy with that vision
13:55 - ROOM A

Azure IoT End-to-End

Martin Abbott, MVP

In this session we will cover how to create a full end-to-end IoT solution using parts of the Microsoft Azure IoT ecosystem and a Raspberry Pi.
The solution will cover IoT Hub and companion services and will have a demonstration heavy focus to show how quick and easy it is to create a solution using the Azure platform.
Key takeaways will include a good overview of Azure IoT and confidence that within just a few lines of code a real world example can be created.
13:55 - ROOM C

API Management and Hybrid Integration

Bill Chesnut, MVP

Microsoft MVP and Cloud Evangelist Bill Chesnut will be discussing and demonstrating how API Management can be the base for your Hybrid Integration design and how APIM's built-in features such as authentication/authorization, reporting, policies, the development portal and more can both facilitate the implementation of your solution and improve operational management of your hybrid integration scenarios.  

14:55 — Interval (5 Minutes)

15:00 - ROOM A

“Best mates" Power BI and Machine Learning 

Grant Paisley, MVP

So your client/boss/user/wife wants to know about what affects house pricing.  As they are "very helpful" they give you multiple spreadsheets, some with hundreds of columns of data, and want YOU to work it out.   
In this session you will learn how to do this using:
        Power BI - for extracting the data from the complex spreadsheets (Query Part)
        Power BI - for modelling the data 
        Power BI - for preparing input (using a neat trick to hook Excel to Power BI)
        Azure Machine Learning - to build a model and "do the exploration/discover/prediction for you". 
        Power BI - to visualize the results.

So want to know the answer? - you had better come to the session
15:00 - ROOM B

Using Azure Active Directory B2C in your next consumer App  

Simon Waight, MVP

When we've built applications in the past we've had to build our own solutions for user account and profile management, often times re-inventing the wheel and needing to worry about making it all secure. Microsoft has developed Azure Active Directory Business to Consumer (AAD B2C) to take away this pain. In this session we'll look at how easy it is to use AAD B2C in our own applications - web or mobile, .Net or not.

15:00 - ROOM C

Hyper-V, Nested Virtualisation and Linux  

Alessandro Cardoso, MVP

Heterogeneous environments with Microsoft Windows Clients, Microsoft Windows Server, Linux, FreeBSD, and the cloud are the norm. Being able to run all of your virtualized workloads on a single hypervisor simplifies management and optimizes server capacity. Learn how to deploy Linux VM to Hyper-V or Windows Azure.

15:50 — Afternoon Tea

16:10 - ROOM A

Windows 10 Integration with Organisational Identities in The Cloud 

Mark O'Shea, MVP

This session will highlight the different ways that your organisational account (eg Office 365 or Azure Active Directory) can be leveraged by Windows 10. These capabilities allow new deployment and management options, integrating with an ever growing list of Microsoft online capabilities including Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Intune, Azure Rights Management, Windows Store for Business as well as leveraging additional security capabilities that are needed in a connected world.
16:10 - ROOM B

Collaborate beyond the boundaries of an enterprise: Your Enterprise bot is here  

Amr Fouad, MVP

Conversation starts everywhere in the enterprise, Teams are no longer strict to a single stack, platform or technology. we will create a virtual assistant that exists almost everywhere and connecting teams back to a single backbone platform which is Office365.

16:10 - ROOM C

Understanding Rights Management  

Robert Crane, MVP

Protecting information and intellectual property is key in a world where users are no longer tethered to a cubicle and where data resides outside the organisation. This session will help you understand what Information Rights Management (IRM) is and how it can benefit any organisation, large or small. You'll learn how IRM is included in many Office 365 Suites and how it can be purchased standalone if required. You'll also learn how to use IRM with Office 365 to protect information quickly and easily, whether attachments, in SharePoint or elsewhere. If you want to ensure your information is protected no matter where it travels and who has it then this session is for you.

17:00 — Closing 
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